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Autism Not Alleviated by Restricted Diets

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

GF/CF diets are under attack once again, recent studies have attempted to pick apart  the benefits of special diets  for children on the autism spectrum.  ( Contrary to these studies parents continue to report significant improvements in their child’s cognition, behavior and response to the environment. Unfortunately, I am not at all convinced by this study!  There’s significant research and parent testimony which disputes the findings in this case.  As a parent of a child with autism I am convinced that children on the autism spectrum benefit from having a restrictive diet!  In our experience, not only was gluten, and casein major allergins; sugar, sodium all forms of sodium and sugar, as well as wheat, rye, buckwheat, food coloring, preservatives, nitrates, sulfites, hormones, antibiotics, oh my the list goes on.

I always wonder why the folks who conduct these studies do not take this into account.  If you are going to study the benefits of a GF/CF diet, it is absolutely critical that you’re not giving these kids cookies which contain other allergens which can still impact behavior.  It is unfortunate, that this clip did not go deeper into the  impact that gluten has on the gut of children who, in many cases have an over growth of candida, enter colitis, and a leaky gut. . . . . and the direct and specific impact of the intestines trying to break this chemical down in children diagnosed with autism is detrimental to the individuals behavioral, mental and physical health.

Gluten Free may not be the answer for every child, but for those who suffer from this syliac type of disorder that gluten can replicate in children with autism, it is more than beneficial, it’s paramount that this is eliminated from the diet of these children.  In order to really look closely at the benefits of a specific diet, the child or children in the study must have all allergens that may cause or trigger a behavior removed from the food and the studies must be extensive to include a wide and random control group.

For more info on this check out sites that may discuss leak gut  and autism, candida overgrowth and autism, oxidative stress and autism, benefits of special diets and autism.  Let us know your thoughts. . . . . . .

People Affected by Autism Believe Increase Is “Real,” not Diagnostic. . . . . . .

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Researchers have found a sharp difference between the beliefs of ordinary people and medical experts about the reason for the increased incidence of autism.  Expert consensus is that the rapid increase is a result of changes in diagnostic practice, but many lay people directly or indirectly affected by the disorder believe that the number of cases have increased in absolute terms.  Many also believe that the increasing incidence is the result of exposure to new environmental hazards.  Recent studies of the University of Exeter and Bristol have published their findings in the journal CHILD.  Despite public opinion concrete ANSWERS to the cause of this puzzling disability will inevitably lead to a cure; it is imperative that research into every plausible scientific, bio-medical, and biological cause of autism be fully explored to unfold every possible cure.    Tell us what you believe!

Autism Research: Break Through Discovery on the Causes of Autism

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

The Huffington Post, December 11, 2010 article, gives parents hope for possible causes of Autism.  The Journal of the American Medical Association and reseachers of U.C. Davis  tells us about mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress in individuals with autism.  Could this lead to new methods of treatment and possible reversal of autism?  Let us hear your voice. . . . .  . .

The New Deal In Education For Children With Autism. . . . . .

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Is the current education system working for children on the autism spectrum?  Does the IEP work?  Are you receiving a free and appropriate public education for your child? Does this education meet your child’s individual needs? Is it time for a “NEW DEAL'” in Education for children with Autism?  Parents believe there is a better DEAL for their kids and we want to know how you feel.