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Providing Solutions & Answers for Today’s Families…Working to Ensure Diversity & Inclusion

COPAA – Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates


COPAA’s mission is to protect and enforce the legal and civil rights of students with disabilities and their families. Our primary goal is to secure high quality educational services and to promote excellence in advocacy.

Adams ESQ: Representing children with Special Needs


For over a decade, ADAMS ESQ has represented students from the ages of 3 through 22 who qualify or should qualify for special education and related services provided by their local school districts. Working as a team with parents and caregivers, we obtain school and medical records, prepare and file due process hearing requests, provide representation at early resolution sessions, mediations, and administrative hearings, and provide representation on Federal Court appeals. As a service to our special needs community, we also organize and participate in workshops and seminars at no charge to parent and student oriented groups. ADAMS ESQ has published numerous articles in local periodicals to further educate the special needs community regarding their rights and responsibilities.

Autistic Self Advocacy Network


The Autistic Self Advocacy Network seeks to advance the principles of the disability rights movement with regard to autism. ASAN believes that the goal of autism advocacy should be a world in which autistic people enjoy equal access, rights, and opportunities. We work to empower autistic people across the world to take control of our own lives and the future of our common community, and seek to organize the autistic community to ensure our voices are heard in the national conversation about us.

Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund


The Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF), founded in 1979, is a leading national civil rights law and policy center directed by individuals with disabilities and parents who have children with disabilities.

DRLC – Disability Rights Legal Center


Founded in 1975, Disability Rights Legal Center (DRLC) is a 501C-3 non-profit, public interest advocacy organization that champions the civil rights of people with disabilities as well as those affected by cancer and other serious illnesses. DRLC is a leader in bringing cutting-edge cases to court and in winning victories to protect and to expand the rights of people to help eliminate discrimination and other legal barriers.

Autism and Insurance Coverage | State Laws


Some states require insurers to provide coverage for the treatment of autism. However, opponents to this approach argue that care for individuals with autism is the responsibility of parents and the school systems. Others have raised concerns that mandating coverage for autism will significantly increase insurance premiums. . .

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities

We provide and maintain up-to-date information and resources to assist families so they can make informed choices for their children, and to educate professionals and the community-at-large in order to promote inclusion and understanding.

Community Alliance for Special Education

CASE advocacy staff, thoroughly trained in special education law, helps families and school districts work together when designing appropriate special education programs for students with disabilities, who are at risk for school failure, so they can succeed in school, get a job and become productive members of their community.

Parent Advocates

The goal of is to put tax dollar expenditures and other monies used or spent by our federal, state and/or city governments before your eyes and in your hands. Through our website, you can learn your rights as a taxpayer and parent as well as to which programs, monies and more you may be entitled…and why you may not be able to exercise these rights.

National Disability Rights Network


State Protection and Advocacy

Across the Nation there are those willing to help you advocate for your child’s rights. Click here to see listings of helping agencies across the nation.

Benefits For Children With Disabilities – Social Security Guidebook 2017

This booklet is for the parents, caregivers, or representatives of children younger than age 18 who have disabilities that might make them eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. It is also for adults who became disabled in childhood (prior to age 22), and who might be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits. (We call this SSDI benefits a ‘child’s’ benefit because it’s paid on a parent’s Social Security earnings record.) This booklet will help you decide if you, your child, or a child you know, might be eligible for SSI or Social Security.

Matrix Parent Network and Research Center


Empowering Families of Children with Special Needs to successfully Understand and Access the systems that serve them.

Disability Rights California: California’s Protection & Advocacy System


Advocate, educate, investigate and litigate to advance and protect the rights of Californians with disabilities. We envision a barrier-free, inclusive, diverse world that values each individual and their voice. In this world, all people with disabilities enjoy the power of equal rights and opportunities, dignity, choice, independence and freedom from abuse, neglect and discrimination.

Families for Early Autism Treatment


Families for Early Autism Treatment, Inc. (FEAT) is a non-profit organization of parents, family members, and treatment professionals, designed to help families with children of all ages who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), which includes Autistic Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS), and Aspergers’s Disorder (AS). It offers a network of support where families can meet each other to discuss issues surrounding autism and treatment options.

TASK: Team of Advocates for Special Kids


TASK is a nonprofit organization that specializes in special education and assistive technology support for the families of children with disabilities and the professionals who serve them.

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