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The Autism Answers’ Difference

Providing Solutions & Answers for Today’s Families…Working to Ensure Diversity & Inclusion

The Autism Answers’ Difference

Autism Answers is committed to providing global answers to the needs of individuals on the autism spectrum.

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We set ourselves apart from our allies in our emphasis and commitment to diversity and inclusion for those who are socially and economically disadvantaged.

We want to ensure that individuals who are socially challenged are afforded equal rights, protection, benefits, and access to the delivery of medical and educational services. It is equally important that these populations and their challenges are realized and represented at the table.

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Our Hopes

We hope to provide individuals on the autism spectrum outcomes that amount to their ability to have meaningful employment and live their life independently as an inclusive part of our society through the founding of green schools that are devoted to addressing the needs of the whole child/adult.


Resources for families on the Autism Spectrum

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From GI Health & Homeopathic Treatment to Detoxification & Dietary Intervention

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Find information on Living Wills, Estate Planning, Social Security, Financial Assistance and more. . .

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Teaching Methodologies, Speech Therapy, National Summer Programs, and More. . .

“Faith Is The First Factor In A Life Devoted To Service. Without It, Nothing Is Possible, With It,

Nothing Is Impossible.”

– Mary Mcleod Bethune, Hebrews 11:1