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Kids with Autism are More Likely to Have GastroIntestinal Problems


“Treatments that address GI symptoms may significantly contribute to the well-being of children with ASD and may be useful in reducing difficult behaviors,” they said. The researchers noted that it’s possible that mothers of children with autism tended to report GI symptoms in their children more often than these symptoms actually occurred, which would have affected the results.

The Ultimate Liver Cleanse Recipe


The combination of nutrients from the garlic, ginger, grapefruit, lemon and oils heals, soothes and detoxifies the liver and the taste is surprisingly refreshing and delicious!

Detoxification, Glutathione, and Autism


The liver is in charge of ‘managing’ harmful substance removal. There are 7 different pathways for detoxification and each one needs adequate support from nutrients such as antioxidants. If the digestive tract is impaired, nutrient status is unable to support effective detoxification. If there is an enzyme in any one of the 7 detox pathways that is not functioning optimally, harmful substances like heavy metals store in the tissues and negatively impact development.

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